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Präsentation der Studie „Auswirkung von Elektrofahrzeugen auf die Stromwirtschaft“

photo: Think

Norwegian electric car maker Think has started shipping its City urban runabout to an Austria utility as part of a government project to test the impact of EVs on the power grid.

The €4.7 million ($6.3 million) Vlotte initiative is placing 100 electric vehicles with companies, municipal governments and individuals in Austria’s Bregenz region. The project is being managed by utility Vorarlberger Kraftwerke and will evaluate how well the cars perform in an area where most people drive an average 50 kilometers (31 miles) a day. The Think City has a range of about 180 kilometers (112 miles).

Solar arrays will be used to charge the plastic-bodied cars to ensure they remain carbon neutral, according to the utility. In 2010, Vlotte will offer electric cars for lease if there is sufficent demand from local residents.

Think CEO Richard Canny said Think is expected to supply most of the cars for the project.

It’s the latest deal for Think, which continues to seed the City across Europe despite financial problems that have stalled its Norwegian assembly plant. Earlier this month, Think signed an agreement to supply 500 cars to a Dutch auto leasing company and announced plans to open a factory in the United States in 2010.

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