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photo: Think

For a company in the breakdown lane of near-bankruptcy, Norwegian electric carmaker Think keeps hitting the accelerator. On Wednesday, Think said it has signed an agreement to sell 500 of its City electric cars this year to a subsidiary of Mobility Service Netherlands, a Dutch automotive leasing company.

The deal follows Think’s announcement last week that it plans to open an assembly plant in the United States by 2010 to produce the urban runabout.

Think sales director Richard Waitz told Green Wombat that the company will supply cars to ElmoNet, a subsidiary of Mobility Service Netherlands that will lease only electric cars. Earlier this year the Dutch government launched a 10 million euro ($13 million) incentive program for electric cars.

“We’ve entered into a similar agreement in Austria,” Waitz said. That deal, signed last month, calls for Think to supply up to 100 cars to a consortium of Austrian companies.

First, however, Think must raise the capital to resume full production of the City. The Oslo company idled its Norwegian assembly plant and laid off workers late last year as the financial crisis cut off funding. Think obtained a $5.7 million bridge loan in January and said last week it expects to raise more money from its existing European and U.S. investors.

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