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HyfishThe world’s first zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell-powered jet made a successful maiden flight over the skies of Bern, Switzerland, earlier this month. Okay, the aircraft is about five-feet long (1.6 meters), has a three-foot wingspan and weighs 13 pounds. Still, the flight (video below) was pretty bloody impressive as the HyFish swooped and swooshed, reaching speeds of nearly 125 miles an hour. The jet is a collaboration between the German Air & Space Center and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. Don’t expect to board a hydrogen-powered Boeing or Airbus any time soon, though. But with commercial aviation a growing source of planet-warming greenhouse gases, hydrogen-fueled planes may eventually replace unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, used for military missions and environmental
"We are confident that record-breaking 15 to 30 hour flight times are now within reach for
small UAVs, which would offer new and disruptive possibilities in the aviation industry," Horizon CEO George Gu said in a statement. The Singapore-based company has a Img_2506_2
knack for making really cool toys to publicize the potential for its industrial-grade fuel cells. The H-Racer, Horizon’s solar-powered, hydrogen fuel cell toy car (photo at left) was a winner in Business 2.0 magazine’s Bottom Line Design Awards this year. The H-Racer certainly captured the imagination of my eight-year-old son and his buddies when I brought it home for a demo, prompting lengthy discussions about cars and global warming. Their interest is sure to be peaked by the HyFish. Now if Green Wombat could only bring one of those home.

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